Japanese traditional culture Experience meeting

2018.7.28(sat)16:00~20:00 The fujisawa chamber of commerce & industry (Fujisawa Station North exit,)

Why don’t you try Japanese traditional cultures, such as Tea ceremony, Flower arrangement and Bon dancing,wearing Yukata?

Try a yukata on!

Service of a rental yukata set + dressing 5000 yen (including tax)

For hair set of 1000 yen Additional (including tax)

Try a flower arrangement!

Learn a basis of a flower arrangement. You can arrange freely. About 30 minutes lesson, a charge of 1000 yen (including tax)

Try tea!

A tea ceremony experience, with casual style! sitting a chair!

1000 yen (including tax)

Just having snack and green tea, 500 yen (including tax)

Try sake! sake tasting!

You can try sake tasting with nice lecture.

It's takes 15 minutes, a charge of 500 yen (including tax)